The Glove

Get your own gloves from SpeCatch now!

What the SpeCatch Glove is and what it is not!

At SpeCatch you don’t get a standard glove with which you only do the “easy catches”.

This glove is far from the average

It can be the ultimate eye-catcher or the simple, detailed accessory.

Our glove stands for commitment, stability, consistency, success and perfection.

It’s the glove that is guaranteed to change your football life!

Here are just a few advantages of the SpeCatch glove:

  • Mega strong grip
  • Unique and professionally developed design
  • Perfect fit thanks to specially selected elastic material
  • Permanent freshness through countless ventilation holes
  • Glove It Like A Pro! – With the world’s first American Football glove subscription

Get your own gloves from SpeCatch now!

And that's our completely crazy offer

We at SpeCatch are absolutely convinced that you will be thrilled with our glove subscription. But if this is not the case, you can still cancel your subscription after you have tried out the first glove in peace and quiet during training. No reason is required and you don’t pay a cent more than the unbeatable subscription price!
For more detailed information, please see our terms and conditions here.
This is what our glove is made of